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Sigma Ratings, Inc., in partnership with the Barclays Accelerator and Techstars, is now headquartered and operating in New York City.  Sigma Ratings’ partnerships will help further develop and differentiate its products offerings which include ratings and an automated platform that generates daily risk scores on companies around the world.

“We are excited to be in New York and to have a partnership with one of the world’s leading banks and an organization that has successfully helped grow some of the world’s leading start-ups,” said Stuart Jones, Jr., Sigma Ratings CEO and Founder.  “New York makes a lot of sense as a base for our company, as we are working to dramatically change the way global business thinks about risk.”

Sigma Ratings is the world’s first non-credit rating agency.  Earlier this year, Sigma Ratings issued its first rating on a trade-based bank in Malta.  Sigma Ratings was developed and backed at MIT and is advised by a number of leading experts in the non-credit risk space.

“I spent most of my career in New York City thinking about how to connect financial services to the rest of the world and the importance that trust plays in making this possible,” said Gabrielle Haddad, COO and Co-Founder.  “Bringing Sigma to New York makes its faster and easier to communicate and align our mission with leading financial institutions operating here.”

Announcing the 2017 Class of the Barclays Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in NYC!

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