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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sigma Ratings, Inc. “Sigma” presents today at an executive closed-door session organized by the IMF on the power of technology and how it can be used to address pressing policy concerns.  Specific applications include: financial de-risking and broader financial inclusion.  Sigma was selected from a number of leading American technology and risk companies, including IBM Watson, to participate alongside academic thought leaders and U.S. Government officials.

“We believe that transparency is the key ingredient in building deeper trust between geographically spread counterparties,” said Gabrielle Haddad, one of the lead presenters and Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sigma.  “Dynamically quantifying non-credit risk information around financial crime and governance serves as a critical step in helping companies more intelligently manage risk.”

Utilizing AI to Solve Pressing Policy Problems

Sigma’s presentation is entitled: “Using machine learning and alternative data sets to address de-risking.”  High-level aspects of Sigma’s approach to machine learning will be presented by Laura Edelson who serves as the company’s Chief Scientist and is a current PhD candidate at New York University.

“We are excited to participate today and help re-imagine and normalize non-credit risk across companies and high growth markets,” said Stuart Jones, Jr., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  “Sigma is filling an important market need and helping solve an enormously important global issue simultaneously.  Non-credit risk – and the lack of quantification and comparability in this area – is something that we thought a lot about when I was in in government and later in the private sector.  We are proud to be recognized as a novel, market-led solution.”

About Sigma Ratings

Sigma Ratings, Inc. (“Sigma”) is the world’s first non-credit rating agency. Sigma uses AI and machine learning to assess company-level non-credit risks (e.g., financial crime risk). The company’s mission is to help make the world more open and transparent by incentivizing and highlighting good corporate behavior.

For more information visit the company at: www.sigmaratings.com

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