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Our Mission

“At Sigma Ratings we are mission-driven to make the world more transparent by highlighting and standardizing metrics for good corporate behavior.”

Stuart Jones, Jr., Founder & CEO

What We Do

Enable Strong Non-Credit Risk Differentiation

The world is full of complex risk and companies need better risk data on who they are transacting with. Sigma Ratings provides new insight on non-credit risk vulnerabilities, with a focus on financial crime risk. We use deep domain expertise coupled with cutting-edge computer science to unlock new data streams and insights that help global corporates and emerging market companies make better decisions.






Unique Data Sources


Hours Of Coding


Our rating services provide companies with a first-ever objective and independent rating on financial crime vulnerability.


Our Insight platform incorporates big data and computer science to generate dynamic governance, management and financial crime risk approximations on thousands of companies.

"Combating [illicit finance] increasingly requires harnessing the power of financial technology, or fintech. Machine learning and other artificial intelligence tools can help identify patterns of activity that would other wise be very difficult to detect. "

Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director, June 22, 2017

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