43 W 23rd Street

NY 10010

+1 212 575 0233

43 W 23rd Street

NY 10010

+1 212 575 0233

About Us

Sigma Ratings, Inc. is an MIT-backed non-credit rating agency comprised of business leaders and talented engineers. We are re-defining the way the world sees risk and are utilizing deep domain expertise and cutting-edge computer science to both rate and generate risk scores on thousands of companies around the world.

Our Expert Team

Stuart Jones, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Gabrielle Haddad

Founder & COO

Laura Edelson

Chief Scientist

Anthony Diaz

Director of Global Growth

Teresa Aguilar

Director of Strategic Growth

Kevin Kyyro

Senior Software Engineer

Cole Page

Manager of Data Research

Our Advisors

Staci Warden

Executive Director, Milken Institute

Karen Golz

Global Vice Chair, Ernst & Young

A. Chandrakasan

Dean, MIT School of Engineering

John Rodriguez

Director, Barclays

Rating Committee

Mark Batts

Bank Expert

Zach Goldman

Executive Director, NYU School of Law

Scott Nance

Consulting Counsel, Wiley Rein LLP

Strategic Relationships