Frequently Asked Questions

Our products empower our clients to differentiate their businesses and easily determine counterparty risk through dynamically generated company-level risk ratings.

What are Sigma Ratings' primary products?

We offer two key products: i) “Ratings” for institutions who seek market  differentiation and to demonstrate transparency on non-credit risks;  and ii) “Insight” which is a platform-based enterprise solution that  utilizes AI to assign risk approximations on thousands of companies.

What informs your methodology?

Our methodology is inspired by international best practice around  financial crime compliance and governance measures. However, as best  practice is based on things that “worked in the past”, we cannot rely on  this entirely and have incorporated other data correlations and factors  and that allow for better risk assignment.

Can I dispute my ratings score?

For rating clients, the answer is yes. For companies who have been  scored on our Insight Platform, you may also dispute your score via the  provision of additional data and information. Demonstrate where we got  it wrong and we will amend it accordingly.

Is Sigma Ratings a credit rating agency like S&P, Moody's & Fitch?

While we are a professional rating agency, we are different in the fact  that we are rating company-level “non-credit risks” like financial crime  compliance and governance, whereas traditional rating agencies are  targeting “credit” issues like solvency and repayment.

Who pays for a Sigma Rating?

Typically, the rated entity pays for its rating. To address potential  conflicts, Sigma adheres to strict governance and ethics policies, as  well as exclusively rating an entity based specific non-credit risks  using an algorithmic approach. Sigma Ratings does not conduct advisory  services.

Does Sigma Ratings only rate and score financial institutions?

We are focused on bank and non-bank financial institutions, but will be  offering wider rating and monitoring services in other areas. Details  surrounding coverage expansion will be shared via the Sigma Ratings,  Inc. site.

Where is Sigma Ratings based?

We are a New York, U.S.-based company with global operations.

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