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Utilize Sigma's software to view risk dynamically

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    Know your risk. Sigma Terminal is a software platform that allows users to source dynamic risk data on entities around the world.

Best in Class Country Risk

The world of risk changes daily. Existing solutions are infrequently updated, use outdated modeling techniques, and lack alerting to important changes. Sigma Terminal incorporates scoring, benchmarking and dynamic data to ensure that you stay ahead on the issues and risks that matter most to you. 

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  • Estimated Ratings
    Sigma Terminal contains estimated ratings on thousands of companies worldwide.

    Interested in a company not on Sigma Terminal? As a Terminal subscriber, Sigma will allow you to flag entities you would like added to our growing global corpus.

  • API & Data Delivery
    Want to use Sigma Terminal data in your internal system?

    Contact us to receive regular data updates delivered to your SFTP server or via our API.

Sigma Process

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    Sigma crawls the internet capturing relevant news, websites, social media and more. Sigma Ratings also ingests intelligence from specialized data partners augmenting its input sources with particulars on cybersecurity, ownership, and more.

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    Sigma Graph

    All the data is stored in Sigma's proprietary knowledge graph. The graph allows Sigma to draw relationships between data points, constructing a map of the international economy.

  • sigma_icons_insight.png

    Analysis from the Sigma Graph is stored and displayed in Sigma Insight where subscribers can search, view, and export data. Users can activate notifications to stay informed of key data chanegs.

Use Cases

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    Investors, compliance experts and regulators utilize Sigma Terminal to keep up to date with any entity of interest.

  • sigma_icons_outlier_benchmark.png

    Identify potential clients, track competitors and directly compare companies via Sigma Terminal.

  • sigma_icons_systemtuning.png
    System Tuning

    Use data from Sigma Terminal to tune transaction monitoring systems, improve credit models or optimize portfolio allocations.

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